Grants Expression of Interest

Grants Expression of Interest

We would like to hear your ideas about community-driven projects that seek to promote mental health and wellbeing in your communities!

ImportantThis form is NOT an official application for Community Grants. This form may be used if you would like feedback on a project idea before applying. Additionally, we are looking to gain insights into the variety of projects that Animators are looking to develop in their communities to inform our Community Grants program.Top of Form

Only rural communities with a trained Community Animator are eligible for RMH Community Grants. To learn more about the Rural Mental Health Network, please visit our about page.

To be eligible for RMH Community Grants, communities must have an Animator who has completed all training modules. If you are an Animator who has not yet received their Certificate of Completion, please make sure that you complete Module 7 of the online training and then contact us at for your certificate.

The Backbone Organization will receive funds on behalf of the Animator. We highly encourage the same Backbone support for Animators and RMH grants. AHS and Health Advisory Councils are not able to be backbone organizations.

This is solely for our planning purposes; you may change the amount of funds you request in the formal application as you learn more about your project. Please note that the maximum amount RMH will disperse for individual projects is $20,000 and $30,000 for multi-community projects.

Please note, that existing programs and direct service provisions are not eligible for this community grant and will not be considered:*