Project FAQs

The Rural Mental Health Project and Network does not provide specific mental health related services in communities. 

Instead, we train community members of rural communities that are passionate about improving mental well-being different skills: like facilitation, design-thinking, and asset-based community development. 

Through this training, community members can develop their own community groups that can direct changemaking efforts that are relevant to their community context.

This is a question the Rural Mental Health team gets asked often, and the answer is... no. I mean, unless you'd like to include drawing!

An animator is someone who brings something to life - an idea, a picture, a conversation. This makes it a perfect descriptor for our community changemakers!

Our animator training provides skills in facilitation and conversation techniques that helps any community member (no education requirements here!) to help build connections within their community, and bring action plans to life that support mental wellbeing!

No, we don't. There are a lot of mental health organizations with names that sound similar, but actually aren't related!

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) was developed and is provided across Canada through the Mental Health Commission of Canada - not Canadian Mental Health Association (yeah, we know, super confusing!) 

The Rural Mental Health Project and Network does not provide specific mental health skills training like MHFA or ASIST, but we do partner with the organizations that teach them to provide opportunities for our Animators and communities!

Since the Rural Mental Health Project and Network does not provide individualized services, nor are we qualified to speak on them, we cannot recommend a specific group or person for these services. 

You can find a list of psychologists in your area through Psychology Today, you can even filter therapists based on location, expertise, or any other specific request you have. From there, you can see what therapist may work best for you.

In short, we provide training to rural and remote community members around facilitation skills and asset based community development. From there, Animators can start "animating" in their community by having discussions and learning from their community. 

The Network side of our project provides a place for connection with other rural communities, as well as access to learning opportunities and funding!

As a whole, our project and network is about supporting regular ol' people in their communities advocate for, and act on, improving community mental wellbeing (not just mental illness) through citizen-led change. Just like communities, we change and adapt based on the needs of our Animators and the communities we support.