The Provincial Exchange is a two day in-person event dedicated to sharing knowledge, practices, and resources in support of better mental health across rural Alberta. Rural Animators and allies will collaborate and learn through engaging workshops, empowering keynote presentations, inspiring narratives, and learning from peers and colleagues on best and emerging practices that advance community mental health.

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  • The diversity of ways that rural communities nurture and build community well-being.
  • We must work in ways that respect all individuals and communities, harnessing strengths and assets and cultivating hope and growth.
  • The importance of supporting and learning from one another
  • That being change makers is tough, therefore, it is crucial to prioritize personal development and tending to our own well-being.

Together, we can build better mental health for all using what we learn from practice and grassroots initiatives, with practices and insights from health promotion, social innovation, and community development.


Rural communities are passionate and invested in rural mental health. Together, we will embark on a journey to share experiences, ideas, and practical learning, fostering deeper connections and understanding among attendees.

The Provincial Exchange is a platform to swap stories of triumphs, challenges, and growth; strengthening our network community. Together, we will explore innovative ideas, gain practical knowledge and skills that promote resilience and drive positive change in the face of the ever-evolving complexities of rural mental health in Alberta. We will build a stronger, more inclusive mental health landscape that empowers individuals and communities alike.

Attendees will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences, via the supportive RMH network, which empowers individuals while inspiring innovative and adaptable initiatives

  • Building Connection and Understanding - Learning from those living and working in rural Alberta who have experienced the challenges and triumphs of mental wellbeing and rural living
  • Promoting Innovation and Adaptability – Sharing successful strategies, creative approaches, and lessons learned to inspire the development and execution of innovative solutions to foster continuous improvement
  • Tailoring solutions to local contexts – Sharing creative ideas that community members can take and adapt to be contextually relevant

Attendees will access practical learning opportunities to build their knowledge to strengthen community capacity and scale out useful activities and tools.

  • Strengthening local knowledge - Engaging in sessions that help community members to pool their expertise and strategies
  • Improving successful grants – Gaining insight on practices and tools that improve grant writing and reporting
  • Hands on learning & modelling - Engaging in strategy sessions that help Animators approach common challenges in their community (i.e. community engagement, facilitation, etc.)
  • Addressing common topics – Tackling emerging and reoccurring issues rural communities face (i.e. Men’s Mental Health, Youth, homelessness, farming & Ag, service provision)

Collaboration strengthens community ownership and reduces silos, leveraging our collective strengths and resources for greater positive change and sustainable solutions.

  • Leveraging collective strengths for problem solving – Pooling together diverse strengths, expertise, skills, resources, and perspectives; growing our individual and collective agency
  • Enabling community-led, grassroots decision-making that compliment traditional services
  • Fostering Networks & Partnerships – Promoting the exchange of ideas, best practices, and resources so that communities can leverage their collective strengths and support one another in their mental health efforts

Burnout is all too common. Attendees will experience rejuvenation to combat stress and maintain mental well-being. Prioritizing rejuvenation enables happier, healthier, and more fulfilled people as we become role models of healthy living.

  • Recharging – Space for individuals to take breaks, recharge and restore their mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Strengthening relationships - Having opportunities to meaningfully connect, share stories and exchange knowledge
  • Physical health – Outdoor exploration, stretches, yoga, etc
  • Personal Growth & Development – Engaging in activities that nurture individual interests, skill and passions