Granting Streams

There are 3 Granting Streams available: Microgrant, Individual Community Grant, and Multi-Community Grant.

Under $5,000

The Microgrant is intended for individual communities seeking to implement small-scale projects to support Animators’ work in their community. The application process involves a shorter, streamlined application form to reflect the smaller amount of funds requested.

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Grant varies from $5,001 to $20,000

The Individual Community Grant is intended for individual communities seeking to implement medium- to large-scale projects in their community. The application process for an Individual Grant is more comprehensive than the Microgrant.

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Grant varies from $5,001 to $30,000

The Multi-Community Grant involves partnerships between Animators in different communities who are teaming up to create a broader or regional project that will support their respective communities. This stream aims to foster collaboration and allow Animators to work together and leverage each other’s strengths and assets on a broader scale. Each community in the partnership must have a trained Animator who is involved in the project.

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How to Apply

Before submitting your application to the Rural Mental Health Community Grants, please consult the Application Guidelines & Adjudication Criteria to ensure you have filled out your application correctly. Check that you are using the correct Application Form for the Granting Stream your project fits into. 

Want to apply for a grant but unsure if your community's idea is a good fit for the grants? Complete an Expression of Interest form and have a member of the RMH team contact you with feedback.