External Grants

Frequency Amount Due Date Website
Annually  $5000 max End of February Healthy Community Grants - Communities Choosewell

The goal of the Health Community Grant is to enable healthy living champions to support healthy eating and/or active living within the context of recreation at the community level.

Frequency Amount Due Date Website

Tier 1: $10,000-$100,000

Tier 2: $100,001-$200,000

mid to end of February Community Services Recovery Fund

The Community Services Recovery Fund responds to what charities and non-profits need right now and supports organizations as they adapt to the long-term impacts of the pandemic.

Not sure which stream to apply to? Check out the Decision Tree Infographic

Stream Frequency Amount Due Date Priorities
Project Based Accepts applications three times throughout the year  up to $75,000

January 15

May 15

September 15

Local Community Projects
Operating Accepts applications three times  up to $75,000

January 15

May 15

September 15

Ongoing programs and services
Major Cultural and Sports Events Accepts applications twice through the year up to $250,000

April 1

October 1

Sanctioned national and international events

The Community Initiatives Program provides funding for organizations that create opportunities for Albertans to engage with and help develop their communities.

CIP outcomes are to:

- strengthen leadership and organizational capacity of community organizations

- support community-driven goals that have public benefit

If you have a project centered around improving climate change, nature-based solutions, and conservation, check out Alberta Ecotrust Environmental Grants. They have several streams that may benefit your project.

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