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Mental Health & Well-Being: Considerations for the Built Environment

Posted on Dec 31 at 4:17pm

This report discusses several elements of the built environment that can impact mental health and wellbeing.

The “built environment” refers to the human-made or modified physical surroundings in which we live, work, and play. Although the built environment may not be directly relevant to your work, this report still might be an interesting resource to review. Overall, to promote mental health and well-being, our built environments should:

  • Prioritize safe, complete, clean, and welcoming neighbourhood design
  • Minimize traffic noise and offer a variety of commuting options [such as well-maintained sidewalks, multi-use paths, and public transportation if feasible]
  • Provide opportunities to view and access green and blue spaces [think parks, trails, rivers, and lakes!]
  • Include spaces for accessible community gardens and healthy food retail [like farmers markets]
  • Offer a diverse range of high-quality and affordable housing

Read it here!

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