Funded Projects

Cookies & Charcuterie


This project builds off the 2023 grant, which hosted four themed cookie decorating events. Each event…

Year 4

Symphony of Wellness


The Harmony Hub provides a multifaceted approach to community wellness. Mental health workshops/seminars,…

Year 4

Action Team Pigeon Lake!

Pigeon Lake

This is a "discovery project with 3 main objectives: Continue to discover “what’s…

Year 4

Community Meet and Eat (Community Kitchen)


Gathering individuals over a nourishing meal enhances opportunities for community building, strengthening…

Year 4

Building Connections and Strong Relationships


New Dawn Metis Women’s Society for Cold Lake, Bonnyville, Marwayne, Lloydminster and St Paul…

Year 4

The Valley to Community Connection and Wellness


This project is about cultivating creative ways to improve or increase mental health and wellbeing…

Year 4

Action Team Westerose!


This is a "discovery project with 3 main objectives: Continue to discover “what’s…

Year 4

Everything but the Kitchen Sink


This project proposes a series of 8 monthly community meet-ups. Community members are invited to…

Year 4

Building a Community of Wellness


The Building a Community of Wellness project focuses on sharing all the data collected through the…

Year 4

Rocky Mountain House Community Empowerment

Rocky Mountain House

This project includes an educational component, outdoor physical activity and a women's empowerment…

Year 4

Flagstaff Friendly Neighbours Program

Flagstaff County

The Flagstaff Friendly Neighbours Program, with community partners, involve volunteers from throughout…

Year 4

Crossfield Reconnections 2.0


This project continues building community connections and a sense of belonging for our residents.…

Year 4

Viva La Vida: Strengthening the Immigrant Mind and Their Families

High River

The third phase of the Viva La Vida Project is focused on Hispanic Teenagers, Youth, Temporary Workers,…

Year 4

Down on the Farm: Cultivating Mental Health & Wellness Initiatives


For this year's grant term, efforts are focused on Men's Mental Health and Community Engagement.…

Year 4

Welcoming Wellness in Fox Creek

Fox Creek

Our project will include 4 parts: Wellness in the Park series where we will offer various…

Year 4

Guys' Matter


This project hosts Humboldt Bronco's bus crush survivor, Tyler Smith, for a community presentation…

Year 4

We are "Well" on Our Way!


This project proposes to continue to build on the previous years grant through educating and normalizing…

Year 4

Men's Shed


Men’s Shed was first started in Australia and there, shed means a meeting place. The idea is…

Year 4

The Holding Spaces Project


This project works alongside the Ponoka Pride Society, the First Nations, Metis and Inuit department…

Year 4

Creating a Stronger, More Resilient Community through Awareness and Connection


This project will build upon previous projects to continue highlighting the mental health stories…

Year 4

Wellness for Families and Children


The project will kick off with a Free Movie Event, "Inside Out" to draw awareness about the importance…

Year 4

Healthy Connections and Positive Activities: Gratitude

Slave Lake

This project builds on the last two years, focusing on Healthy Connections and Positive Activities.…

Year 4

Rural Roots: Connecting our Stories and Lifestyle


This project focuses on bringing community youth together in the Be The Light Youth Event. Youth…

Year 4

Growing Together

Sylvan Lake

This project increases social connectedness by investing in community. The "Neighbourhood Connectors"…

Year 4

Building a Sense of Community Belonging


The project utilizes carefully designed, inclusive activities that are dynamic and co-created by…

Year 4